Trial Management

Precision SoilTech has now developed a trial package to assist researchers, grower groups, government and other commercial entities better locate, manage and understand their trial sites.

The key understanding trial results is having a complete picture of all the variables within your trial site. In order to do so it is imperative to select a uniform site that is most appropriate for your trial, and understanding the soil variability which can significantly effect trial results.

Our team has an extensive experience with trials and research for over 30 years. Contact the office for more information.

Site selection

Locate suitable trial locations and gauge variability before the trial is marked out

Trial design

Advice on the most appropriate plot size and replicate design

NDVI Crop Monitoring

Monitor growth in season with drone surveys and NDVI cameras

Baseline Sampling

Precise Geo-Located soil sampling for accurate baselines

Marking out

Assistance in pegging up the trial using our SoilTech guidance software

Follow up Sampling

Follow up sampling from exact locations from initial sampling

GIS Mapping

Site maps and designs supplied using GIS software