Soil Sampling


$35 /site

  • 0-10cm
+ Midsoil

$12 /site

  • 10-20cm
+ Subsoil

$12 /site

  • 20-30cm
+ Deeper

$12 /site

  • up to 120cm

Complete soil profile

Determine the limiting factors lying deeper than the topsoil.  Identify issues like subsoil acidity, a major constraint in Western Australian cropping systems.

Precision geolocation

SoilTech uses commercial grade John Deer satellite receivers to ensure samplers hit the spot every time. Site locations can be reviewed by you and your consultant on the online portal and be updated as boundaries and farming systems change.

No cross contamination

It is difficult to distinguish between depths with traditional auger based sampling methods.  Precision SoilTech’s patented soil sampling drill takes clean, uncontaminated samples from each of the soil layers.

Visual soil information

Samplers record paddock information like crop type and site information including gravel percentage and soil type for the test labs and your consultant.

Multiple core samples

Our sampling machines are designed to take up to 10 sampling cores, group together the samples by depth accurately and efficiently.


Monitor the same site year after year, measuring the effect of different inputs and management strategies.  You can be confident the data you are getting is from the same spot, sampled in the same way, every time.