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      Compare pH results over time and between neighbours!

      Precision SoilTech’s Zone Comparison Report could be a valuable tool in overcoming the challenges you face when advising farmers on soil sampling and liming.

      This example shows that this Central Wheatbelt farm is above the target pH and Zone average for the past 10 years. In this case, the pH management is better than the average within that zone. This report highlights that this farmer can potentially switch to a maintenance lime program.

      The example above shows a very different result. This Great Southern farm has some significant issues with pH both on the surface and down the profile. This farmer is also well behind their peers in the same region. The data above tells us that an emphasis on lime is required, also we would suggest that deeper samples would give us a better idea of how deep the acid layer is.

      Here’s how you can effectively use this tool to persuade farmers:
      • Data-driven Insights:
        Farmers often respond well to concrete data rather than abstract advice. The Zone Comparison Report provides specific, localized data comparing the client’s pH levels to anonymized results within their region over multiple years. This comparison helps farmers understand where they stand relative to their peers in terms of soil pH management.
      • Highlighting Improvement Opportunities:
        For farmers whose pH levels are below optimal or lagging behind their peers, the report clearly indicates the need for improvement. It can pinpoint areas where liming is necessary to correct soil acidity, potentially leading to increased crop productivity and profitability.
      • Long-term Benefits:
        Emphasize the long-term benefits of proper soil management. The report not only shows current pH levels but also trends over the past 5, 10, and 15 years. This historical perspective illustrates how proactive soil sampling and liming can maintain or improve soil health over time, ensuring sustainable productivity.
      • Cost-effectiveness:
        Address the perceived cost vs. benefits dilemma. Use the report to demonstrate that investing in soil sampling and liming based on accurate data can lead to more efficient resource allocation and potentially higher yields, thus outweighing the upfront costs.
      • Customized Recommendations:
        Tailor recommendations based on the specific insights from the report. For instance, for farms with pH levels above average, shift the focus to maintaining optimal conditions through a targeted liming strategy rather than intensive corrective measures.
      • Continuous Support:
        Offer ongoing support and monitoring. The report can facilitate a continuous improvement cycle where farmers regularly review their soil health metrics and adjust management practices accordingly.

      By leveraging the Precision SoilTech Zone Comparison Report in your consultations, you not only enhance the credibility of your advice but also empower farmers with actionable insights tailored to their specific soil conditions and regional benchmarks. This approach can lead to more informed decision-making and ultimately foster greater adoption of soil sampling and liming practices among your clients.

      If you require further information, or to see a specific client report, please contact Kevin Mincherton 0409 371 797 or Don Hook 0428 761 413.