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Map sample sites and pH across your farm

SoilTech’s maps allow you to view topsoil and subsurface soil pH variation across each paddock and your farm. It is a very effective tool for working out your lime sand requirements, so you are only placing lime where it is required and at the correct rate.

There is no additional charge for this mapping as it is included in the cost of sampling.


Multiple Nutrient Mapping Service

SoilTech’s nutrient maps let you quickly assess what your main constraints to production are and where they are located so you can make more informed input decisions and increase profitability.

Any combination of soil nutrient and pH data can be displayed on one map so you can truly assess where soil acidity and/or nutrient deficiency is limiting production (see below). These areas can then be targeted with the appropriate strategy to remove the constraint in a more efficient manner.

Any soil data can be mapped in this way. Any combination of pH (0-10cm, 10-20 cm, 20-30 cm, 30 cm +) Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrate, Ammonium, Sulphur, Organic Carbon, EC (Salt) and PBI is available.

This service is included with our SoilTech Nutrient Pack, otherwise there is a fee for this service so please call the office on 1800 644 951 for more details.

Raw Data Return and Data Management

All data collected and analysed by Precision SoilTech is returned in a raw format (Excel format) along with a pH Report (Word doc) together with any maps that are purchased or included in the service. The raw data can easily entered into farm management software such as Agworld, PAM or SMS.

In addition Precision SoilTech stores data it collects and analyses, for a number years for the convenience of our clients. The data is securely stored and made available to the client at any stage in the future and is only released with the clients permission. A large number of farmers are now using old soil test data to analyse trends in soil nutrients and soil pH of time.

Please call us on 1800 644 951 for more information about this free service.