Soil Sampling

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$ 25
  • 0-10cm


$ 14
  • 10-20cm


$ 14
  • 20-30cm


$ 12
  • 30-40cm or 40-50cm

*All prices GST exclusive, except otherwise indicated.

Access the complete soil profile

It is important to know your soil from the topsoil to the subsoil, especially when looking at pH.  Sampling the topsoil only can hide problems underneath.

Take uncontaminated depth samples

It is difficult to distinguish between depths with traditional auger based sampling methods.  Precision SoilTech’s patented soil sampling drill takes clean, uncontaminated samples from each of the soil layers.


Combine multiple sample cores

The sampling rig allows samplers to take 10 sampling cores and group together the samples by depth efficiently and accurately.  Taking multiple cores is required to ensure the sample sent to the lab is representative of the area at that depth.

Accurately georeference

Return to the same location year after year.  Samplers use precision GPS receivers and record the information in the database.  The site locations can be reviewed by you and your consultants as boundaries and farming systems change.


Record paddock and site information

Samplers record paddock information like crop type and site information including gravel percentage and soil type for the test labs and your consultant.